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Shipping to Canada

We are now shipping all Canadian orders from our warehouse in California.

Image shows the Canadian flag.

Please visit Quiet PC USA and place your order selecting the "CANADA ONLY- Email me USPS rates" under the "Shipping Method" in the checkout section. Once we receive your order, we will calculate the USPS rates for the various mailing options and will contact you for your approval.

You can also select any of the other Shipping Method options, but bear in mind that UPS charges brokerage and other fees not calculated in our UPS shipping charge. Our charge only covers the actual UPS shipping price and you will be liable for the other fees upon delivery.

Upon request, we can also ship to you using your UPS or FedEx account.

Image shows the Fedex and UPS logos for shipping from America to Canada

The options to place an order:

  • Call our toll-free number: 1-877-205-2020
  • Fax your purchase request to: 1-877-205-2020
  • Email your purchase request to: Quiet PC Sales
Quiet PC USA is the North American Exclusive Distributor for the following PC hardware manufacturers. Image shows US and CAN flags.

Quiet PC USA is the Exclusive North American distributor for Acousti Products,QTechnology, and NesteQ quiet PC hardware.

Acousti Products. Click to see quiet products and components from Acousti Products.
Nesteq. Click to see quiet PC products from Nesteq.
Q Technology. Click to see quiet hardware products from QTechnology.
Quiet PC USA is a North American Authorized Reseller for the following PC component manufacturers. Image shows US and CAN flags.

Quiet PC USA is an Authorized Dealer for Enermax, Gigabyte, Coolink, Grow Up Japan, Moneual, Noctua, Thermalright, Scythe and Zalman quiet PC cases and components.

Coolink. Click to see quiet PC products from Coolink.
Gigabyte. Click to see quiet PC hardware from Gigabyte.
Enermax. Click to see quiet PSUs and other PC hardware from Enermax.
Growup Japan. Click to see quiet PC products from Grow Up Japan.
Moneual. Click to see quiet HTPC products from Moneual.
Noctua - designed in Austria. Click to see quiet hardware products from Noctua.
Q Technology. Click to see quiet hardware products from QTechnology.
Thermalright. Click to see quiet hardware products from Thermalright.
Scythe. Click to see quiet computer hardware and quiet components from Scythe.
Zalman. Click to see quiet products and components from Zalman.

Click for more details on near-silent CPU Coolers.Ultra Quiet CPU Coolers & Heatsink Combinations

Quiet CPU coolers for near silent CPU cooling. Quiet CPU coolers are ideal for gaming PC's.

Near-silent Central Processing Unit (CPU) coolers and fan/heatsink combinations are designed to reduce operational noise and vibrations from one of the loudest PC case components.

Quiet PC USA stocks ultra quiet coolers from the world's leading 'quiet' manufacturers, suitable for a wide range of socket types from both Intel and AMD. Quiet CPU cooling products on quietPC USA are categorized by CPU socket type.

Click for more details on acoustic materials.Acoustic Materials

Acoustic materials for damping panel vibrations, minimising noise. Used for near silencing of computers and other electronic enclosures.

Acoustic materials designed by Acousti Products to deaden the noise made by components inside a PC.

These products are noise damping sheet and foam block materials, designed to reduce PC noise by absorbing sound on the inside of the PC or server case. Products by Acousti Products.

Click for more details on quiet power supply units.Ultra Quiet Power Supplies & Quiet PSU Accessories

Image shows quiet power supply units for near silent PC use. PSU's are often the loudest component, view our range to find all quiet and near silent power supply units (PSU).

A quiet power supply (or PSU), is an essential component in a quiet computer or quiet HTPC system.

Near-silent and quiet PSU's often incorporate silent-running and larger diameter fans (such as 120mm or more) along with efficient circuits and heatsink's – all designed to help towards reducing unwanted heat, vibrations and computer noise.
Quiet PC USA offers quiet ATX power supplies from 360W to over 1250W by Zalman, Enermax and Nesteq, and also offer an anti-vibration Quiet PSU Gasket by Fansis.

Click for more details on near-silent Fans.Quiet PC Fans for Near-Silent Cooling

Image shows quiet PC fans for near silent well cooled computers.

Most noise from PCs can be attributed to fan noise – both from noisy fan motors and turbulent airflow.

With care it is possible to replace original noisy computer fans with quieter alternatives, whilst maintaining adequate airflow and cooling. Over the last 5yrs hardware manufacturers across the globe have developed many PC fans that are advertised as ‘quiet’. At Quiet PC USA, we have selected the highest quality and quietest PC fans - some are barely audible. Common quiet PC fan sizes range from 40mm up to 120mm. Please select the fan size category you require.

Click for more details on quiet computer cases.Quiet PC Cases & Quiet PC Case Accessories

Image shows quiet computer cases. Quiet PC cases are designed for minimal noise, low vibrations and good airflow.

One of the most important hardware products for creating a quiet PC is the case itself.

A well designed quiet PC case (sometimes called a chassis or enclosure) can help to limit noise escape, trap, and attenuate unwanted component noise coming from internal hardware components. A well designed and well constructed quiet chassis, with adequate airflow for cooling can help to create a quiet PC.

Click for more details on near-silent rackmount enclosures.Quiet 19inch Rack Mount Cabinets & Enclosures

Image shows quiet rackmount enclosures for near silent low vibration server rack systems. Quiet HTPC racks are also available.

Quiet PC USA stock quiet rack cabinets for 19in servers and 19" rack mount accessories.

As with the home computing market, noise generated by computer equipment in the workplace by noisy equipment has increased. Hosting a server in a quiet rack can help to reduce noise levels down to background levels, boosting office productivity. A quiet rack cabinet is a flexible alternative to a costly dedicated server room, and can save money, time and space for business owners.
For various 19in cabinet accessories, including 19in blanking plates, dust filters, 19in fixings, cable management and cabinet castors, please see the Rack Mount Accessories category.

Click for more details on near-silent rackmount enclosures.HTPC – Quiet Home Theatre Computer Cases

Image shows quiet home theater personal computers. View our range of quiet HTPC sytems for low noise and low vibration media centers.

Some of the best Home Theatre PC (HTPC) cases are stocked here at Quiet PC USA.

An excessively noisy PC need not ruin audiovisual listening and viewing pleasure! Select a quiet HTPC case along with quiet operation internal hardware components, and a near-silent entertainment system can be built. High quality HTPC cases and accessories by Moneual and Zalman.

Click for more details on audio products.Audio Accessories & Audio Electronics for PCs

Image shows Cresyn headphones and earphones. Audio products inclue: microphones, headphnes, earphones, in-ear headphones, external sound cards, headphone amplifiers.

Quiet PC offers audio products from both new and established hardware manufacturers.

Although audio accessories are not strictly "quiet", Quiet PC offers premium and highest quality audio accessories, such as headphones, earphones, microphones and external audio hardware as part of our range of PC-compatible components.

You may find that this articles 'The Computer Noise Guide' useful when building a quiet PC.

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